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“We sculpted ourselves while sculpting time.”

         Lee, Kuei-Chih is a Taiwanese Environmental art artist and was born in Taiwan. He entered nature and learned directly from nature. With his own relationship with nature, physical labor and his view of the organic world, he connects and communicate with natural elements, to become aware of the inner soul and consciousness and interpret the philosophy of nature. He uses one of the most powerful "metaphors" in Chinese philosophy-"Water" as a catalyst for thinking, to sculpt the flowing energy of nature. His natural sculpture connects the material world with the immaterial universe between Motion and Stillness and the inner and outer state of mind, and communicates and co-exists with the surrounding environment, and then explores the relationship between the essence of creation and human, nature and environment.





        Lua Rivera makes art to erase the boundaries between disciplines, promoting a free interaction between them and allowing the exhibition to transcend the walls of the gallery. Lua based her artwork in processes such as nesting, growth and adaptation of organisms. As a visual artist she is distinguished from her continuous search and use of multidisciplinary resources such as intervention, collage, photography, video and textiles.


        Lua Rivera的藝術作品消除了學科之間的界限,促進學科之間的自由互動,並使展覽超越了畫廊的牆壁。 Lua的作品以築巢,生長和適應生物為基礎。 作為視覺藝術家,她擅長不斷搜索和使用多種學科資源(例如介入,拼貼,攝影、錄像和編織)。

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